Sample Deposit Forfeiture Sheet

No Clean up attempted $300.00

Deposit will be forfeited if you charge at the door without prior approval
And/or 501c3 non-profit status! $300.00

Tables and Chairs Set Up & Break Down (Must be Pre-Arranged) $100.00
Tables and Chairs Breakdown only (Must be Pre-Arranged) $ 60.00
Chairs not returned properly to the wall (stacks of 8 facing wall) $ 20.00
****Extra chairs go in the double door closet next to table room
Table Room not returned in order (see description on wall) $ 25.00

Decorations not taken down and tape removed from walls $ 25.00
Balloons stuck in Fan (use ladder to remove, turn off switch in hallway) $ 10.00
Tape other than masking tape being used and left on walls etc. $ 20.00
Nails or Staples in Walls or stage requiring removal and repair $ 25.00+
Usage of Confetti, glitter or rice requiring excess clean up $ 25.00
Excessive mess outside requiring extra clean up $ 25.00
Boxes not broken down before being thrown in dumpster $ 20.00
Excessive mess on floors requiring extra clean up $ 25.00+
Frying in the building (frying must be done on back patio) $200.00
Do not turn OVEN off…leave on PILOT! Don’t blow out flames $ 10.00
Smoking is not permitted in building! If you do, price will be determined
by smell left behind! $100.00
Damage to surface of FLOORS…no tape allowed!
No cheap floor runners are permitted, we have a red carpet available for rent. $200.00
Using chair Dolly as a hand truck $ 25.00
Garbage not removed and placed in BLUE dumpster $ 25.00
<Please do not stack garbage cans>
Do not leave red scoop in Ice Bin…put on Top $ 10.00